Health Project Impact Assessment (HIA)

CHIDA prides itself in Health Impact assessment (HIA), a fast-growing field of systematic data processing with an array of data sources and analytic methods that consider input from stakeholders and policy makers in health delivery services. It entails taking advantage of opportunities in health realities to provide recommendations on Monitoring & Evaluation, manage potential effects of proposed policy and plan programs or project on the health of a population and the distribution of these effects with practical recommendations for ways of capitalizing on these opportunities to improve health and minimize risks to advance smarter policies to build safe and healthy communities.

Project Implementation

In CHIDA, we apply Project Management Processes to put our project into action. From planning stage up until the completion of such project, while maintaining strict adherence to execution, monitoring, control and completion of project, with data integrity, discipline of field-officers and time-based community engagement remaining one of competent areas.

Tech for Health Solution

Health Innovation Hub delivers evidence-based researches as well as innovations through ecosystem development in synergy with health technology professionals in sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, which including the academia, leveraging on the community of health professionals to model health products from ideation stage, well-researched documentation, patency and the delivery of such health products and services and its commercialization geared towards better-served and healthier communities in the long-term..

Health Innovation Incubator

Our Health incubator; Health Innovation Hub (HIH) leverages on technology and public health data to deliver sustainable solutions in our health focus areas of maternal and child health, including national vaccination and immunization coverage, food security and agriculture, sustainable livelihood; through programs on health idea hack, meet-ups, sector reviews, disruptive innovation challenges, health innovation ecosystem development, impact assessment, health startup incubation and other technology driven innovations in public health management.

Management Consulting Services

We offer a client-based service-oriented consultancy with time-tested and data-driven solutions to your operational, financial and project management systems. Concerns related to health project implementation; where we offer the best with our clients needs being the focus while delivering detail specifics in the project design and implementation, which is time-based and driven by data and evidence-based research and interaction with strategic stakeholders.


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